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What can we do?

A huge misconception that must be dealt with, is the mentality of those who think 'I am only one person, I won't make a big difference, if everyone thinks like this, then there won't be any progress. When it comes to solving a problem, every person counts but, exactly how can we solve this issue? With a problem, usually comes a solution. The only solution to prevent the destruction of our planet is to stop overusing our resources and just using what is necessary. To do so, we have to change our habits and ways of doing things. Here is a small list in no particular order of actions anyone can do:

  • Walking to school/work

  • Going vegan/vegetarian

  • Flush number 2 and not number 1

  • Collect your shower water

  • Taking cold showers

  • Changing search engine

  • Going solar

  • Informing future generations

  • Basic stuff others don't realize 

This is just a small list of things that you can do to help our planet. Another upside of most of these habits is that they help save money. Each action is explained through the buttons below.

change future.jpg

An important detail is that every action, big or small, is crucial for the benefit of the planet.

Please act now

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