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Shower With Cold Water

The simple action of showering with cold water seems hard to execute but, once down, one gets used to it really fast. It is suggested to start the water hot and gradually lower the temperature to not surprise your body. Using less fossil fuels for water heating is not the only plus side for using cold water; the other plus side is that people tend to spend less time under cold water than hot water because it is less "comfortable" than hot water.


The use of hot water during showers is just for one's comfort and pleasure. Hot water is not used for any scientific reason. On the contrary, scientists say that cold showers are better for the immune system, blood circulation, and muscle soreness. Sometimes, professional athletes bathe in cold water after injuries.  

Conclusion: Saves fossil fuels by not using hot water and spend less water

How it saves money: gas and water bills go down because less gas and water used

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