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Going Solar

As we all know, the sun is a great source of energy, they'll problem is that we aren't taking advantage of it. Instead of using fossil fuels to power our lights, fridge, and other household items, we could be using energy coming from the sun. This would be highly beneficial for the planet because there are billions of homes that could go from fossil fuels to solar; decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Now, one might say that going solar is expensive because you have to buy the panels, pay for installation, and other fees. That may be the case but there is an alternative, most electricity providers will give one an option, to make their house fully powered by solar panels. They do so by installing solar farming in spacious areas around the world. One example of a provider that does this is PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric). Although this option might cost a bit more, 3 dollars more per month, it is very beneficial to the planet. 

How it saves money: This action will not save any money, will actually spend a little more, but is very beneficial. 

solar farm.jpg

Solar farm in Arkansas

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