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Current Situation 


On our current trajectory that scientists have predicted, the environment is destined to go through a downfall of problems. Past predictions have been below the reality. Some consequences of the maltreatment of the environment will be, rising sea levels, rising temperatures, decrease in animal species, and many more. 

Air pollution: 

Air pollution is caused by the toxic gases released by automobiles, factories, and many others. These toxic gases are able to attack and damage your lungs. According to the World Health Organization, around 4.6 million people per year die from causes directly linked to air pollution. If air pollution keeps rising, more people will be losing lives, temperatures and sea levels will rise.

Rising Temperatures: 

As our greenhouse gas emissions keep on increasing, the temperature of the earth is also increasing.

The increase in temperature is due to the greenhouse effect. In the greenhouse effect, sun rays hit the

earth to eventually be released out into space as heat. But, because of all of the carbon, methane,

and other hazardous gases humans are releasing, the heat released by the planet that is supposed to 

go out to space is being trapped and staying in the atmosphere.

Rising Sea Levels:

As the earth keeps on warming because of human activity, the ice caps and glaciers are slowly melting. Sea levels have gone up by 6 to 8 inches (160 to 210mm) in the past century. The rate of rising sea levels will increase

due to the increase in temperature. According to NASA, if all of the ice in the world was to melt,

sea levels will go up by 195 feet (60 meters). 

Here is a short video showing the aftermath of all of the ice melting: 

Decrease in Species:

According to the UN convention on biological diversity, around 150 species a day go extinct.

As Specie after species will go extinct, it will create a domino effect because other animals

won't be unable to thrive as well. For example, if owls eat mouses to survive but, if mouses

were to become extinct, the owl population would end up in a dangerous situation. 

New continent:

A new continent is being formed in between Hawaii and California. Sadly, this continent is not made 

for vacation as it is entirely made of trash coming from China and the USA. Due to strong currents, 

all of the trash is accumulating one area of the pacific ocean. As it keeps on growing, its current size 

is equivalent to that of 3 Frances. 

To understand this island better go to:


Forests are being torn down at a rate of 40 football fields a minute. By doing so, it is creating huge damages, one of which is that it is destroying the habitat of millions of animals around the globe. Another is the fact that we rely on trees around the world to decrease the amount of carbon in the air. We must cherish the trees around us and let them flourish instead of being selfish for more money. 

Here is a song for better understanding:

As you can see, most of these issues are linked with one and another. As most of them are linked to air pollution, Our number one priority should be to solve air pollution. Even if air pollution should be our number one priority, we should also focus on other aspects. A small reminder is that this is just a small list of many environmental problems happening around the world. Some others include water pollution, overuse of water, and plastic waste.

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